January 20, 2008

I'm baack

My kids have forced me into writing more than one blog a year. sheesh. I am astonished how much time I use in less than "working towards perfection" ways, so I can't complain about not having time. But I can about the lack of ideas.

I am giving a presentation at the Women's conference on how to present yourself, or something on that order. I can't think of a title for my presentation other than How to Present Yourself. Boring. I am now taking suggestions from any and all; feel free to send along your ideas. This is pressing on my mind and those that are the organizers of the event because I haven't gotten a title of the session back to them. Thanks for your ideas! I'm begging....

The World is Spinning Faster!

I have a zillion things on my "things to do before the Millennium" lists. If it is true that we won't die until we finish our work here on earth, then I will truly live forever. Today my goal was to go to Paul's office, work there for a few hours and get him caught up, come home and pay bills, clean, do laundry, fix dinner and then just hang out. So far I managed to do a little laundry, go to the Workforce Housing meeting, then another meeting, then home to crash and burn and now burn daylight and valuable time on the computer messing around with creating a blog. Sheesh. where are priorities? Well, the dirty clothes and bills will be there tomorrow, but since the world is spinning faster and the hours and minutes are shrinking I will waste some of my valuable minutes and possibly hours reminiscing on the lost efforts of the day; better yet, I will reminisce on the wonderful family time we had tonight, the great people I met with today and the exciting developments that are happening in our fair city and the root beer floats that just tickle my granddaughter, Sierra.There is a 7 am meeting at the hospital, I better get some sleep so I can concentrate deeply to understand anything at all that is discussed in the Patient Safety meeting (did you know that the medical profession has a secret language of acronyms that you only understand after an additional 8-10 years of school?)